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Elastic Tapes
Provided Elastic Tapes can be obtained in different color and material choice based options. These tapes are completely protected against UV rays, saline water, flame and water. Provided tapes are light in weight.
Garment Elastic Tapes
Garment Elastic Tapes are known for their high flexibility level, resilient quality, water and flame proof design. These high strength tapes are made of durable quality spandex or polyester material.
Woven Elastic Tapes
Provided Woven Elastic Tapes are reckoned for their long lasting quality and excellent strength. Folding and cutting way of these tapes depend on their specific application needs. These abrasion proof tapes have minimal shrinkage rate.
Polyester Elastics Tapes
Polyester Elastic Tapes are reckoned for their high strength and long lasting quality. These highly flexible tapes are appreciated for their UV proof design, homogeneous surface quality and high streatchability level.